Metal roofing is generally more expensive, your savings over the course of its life are something to consider. Compared to a standard 15 year shingle, metal roofing far outlives the roofing shingle by as much as 5 times. That’s 75 years. Another appealing benefit is that metal roofing material is 100% completely recyclable, making it a desirable choice for the eco friendly homeowner. Metal roofing is lightweight, yet tough enough to withstand strong winds. Since metal does not burn, your roof will be completely fire resistant. Chances are you won’t ever have to replace your roof. This is particularity appealing and advantages when it comes to the resale of your home if one day you decide to do so. With a color palette of options, styles, and quality, a new metal roof on your home will look great from the day you put it on, well into the days of your retirement.